Since 1995, Commonwealth Laminating and Coating (CLC) has been an innovator of high quality solar control window films. Drawing on expertise in precise, uniform lamination and coating, CLC has developed a line of photovoltaic (PV) frontsheets and backsheets. Lean manufacturing with an emphasis on process and product development make CLC uniquely qualified to produce low cost, high quality films to meet current and future demands.
    CLC's PV barrier films provide robust dielectric performance and weatherability, as well as strong interlayer and encapsulant adhesion. CLC has performed extensive in-house and third party testing and certification to verify product quality and longevity.
    CLC offers innovative solutions that reduce cost and improve performance, such as fluoropolymer, all-PET, and other proprietary and custom constructions that adapt to the industry's rapidly changing industry needs.
    CLC's experienced team of M.S. and Ph.D. engineers and polymer/materials chemists are available to develop custom films for your specific application that address needs including enhanced dielectric properties, structural rigidity, flame resistance, and moisture barrier. Our team is also available to answer technical product and application questions.


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